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Toyo Tyres. Innovation, quality, performance and excellent service for 70 years.

Toyo Tyres. Innovation, quality, performance and excellent service for 70 years. The Toyo Tyre & Rubber Co., Ltd. represented by McEneraney Quality Inc.(MQI), develops, manufactures and delivers to customers worldwide a broad lineup of products, including the company’s core automobile tyres, anti-vibration rubber for automobiles, urethane products and industrial rubber. They offer a complete selection of premium replacement tires for nearly every make and model including light trucks, SUV’s, High performance Cars, and luxury vehicles.

And to meet the demands of consumers and set a few trends in the process, Toyo Tyres have also become a leader in fitments and dynamic tyre applications.

During the tuning market expansion in early 21st century, Toyo Tyres responded with low profile,  large rim diameter high performance Tyres. The highly successful Proxes T1s was followed by the Proxes T1R, Proxes T1 Sport and 2015 sees the introduction of the Proxes T1 Sport plus.

The new tire provides "A" grade wet grip across the entire range while still providing exhilarating cornering and braking for enthusiastic drivers. SUV and Off-Road.

Toyo Tyres are specialists in SUV and 4x4 Tyres. The road tyre range extends from Proxes T1 Sport SUV Ultra High performance tires for fast highway use to Open Country H/T tyres which perfectly complement working 4x4s and pickups and in 4x4, Open Country A/T plus and for more serious off-road, Open Country M/T provide the mobility to take you further. 

Race versions of the Open Country M/T tyre have been used to win the FIA Cross Country Rally Championship 2 Wheel trophy, the FIA T2 Cross Country Championship, the  Baja 1000 and several stages of the Dakar Rally.

In motorsport, Toyo Tyres have been used in almost all forms,  from Spa 24hours and VLN Endurance racing to the Porsche Championship in the UK, Toyo Tyres have been used in many classes of track racing and the highly successful Proxes R888 was supplemented in 2015 with the Proxes R888R offering even higher levels of grip, consistency and cornering power.

Dedicated to quality and road safety, the tyres give you the best in performance and all weather grip.

Toyo’s range of passenger car and performance car tyres offer the best quality and construction, ensuring the highest levels of safety.  The tyres are a durable, longer lasting and low noise choice for drivers of small to large passenger cars. A premium, quality tyre, Toyos will perform better for you than cheap alternatives in critical areas, such as tyre wear, wet weather braking and road handling.

From the commute to the circuit, the Proxes range of performance tyres are state of the art designs, created for the ideal mix of high-speed stability and cornering power paired with precise steering response and quick braking, wet weather and dry.

The culmination of eco-tyre technology, Toyo’s NanoEnergy 3 makes no compromises on safety, saving fuel without conceding grip or durability.

Proxes C100 is a high quality all-rounder with extremely low tread noise and prolonged tread life, for superior ride comfort. 

Toyo tyres are suited to a variety of passenger cars,  including Toyota, Holden, Mazda, Hyundai and Ford.


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2 On the Road charges comprise of: Road Tax, Number Plates, Tint, Rust Proofing and Mats



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